Tal Greenberg is an aspiring Israeli filmmaker.  

Born in Tel Aviv at July 2nd 1985. In elementary school she studied theatre acting

for 9 years at Tel Aviv School Of Arts. In "Alon" high school she majored filmmaking.

At 2014 she completed her filmaking BA at Tel Aviv university. 


  Durring her studies she made three short films; "Mock Up", 15 min,   

revealing a phorbidden love story in a flight attending training course.

 "The Creators", 22 min, a short documentary about the women's part  

  in the local, man controled, film and television industry

"For Better, For Worse", 20 min, her thesis film, inspired by Yehuda

Amichai's poem "People Use Each Other", tells the story of three couples at

different phases of their lives, in one hospital.   


After graduating she made her first independent short "KAPUNKA", 12 min, 

staring Shai Avivi, about a comic relationship between a Jewish farmer and

his Thai worker.


These days Tal is working to complete her new independent short film

"A Morning at the Meuseum", a gesture to Avraham Hefner's short "Slower".


In the last years tal directed commercial films for different companies and organizations including - Bezeq, Landver, El Namrud, Tel Aviv city hall and

Muzut school of arts.

In addition she is working to complete a script for her first feature film.